The Confusions live @ NOISY Beerfest, July 30

We are happy to say that we will be playing live at our hometown Sundsvall at Noisy Beerfest at Stora Torget at July 30.
Doors for the Beerfest opens at 15.00 and we will play live 20.30.
Link to tickets and info (only in Swedish) here:

Link to Facebook event page here:

New single Fell Out Of Bed out now!

New song out now called Fell Out Of Bed! Let’s dance to this one amigos.…

“Post it online and it will be fine”, Fell Out Of Bed a true indie summer anthem. A song with a steady, groovy beat, an odd synth hook, jangly indie guitars and a bass line from the 90s dance indie hits.

Have a great summer friends!
/Magnus, Mattias, Zarah & Mikael

8/10 review from for our single “1664”

The Confusions – 1664

Genre: Punk, New wave, Indie Rock

Rock music has found perfection a few times over. There are enough versions of perfect sounds, crafted in just the right manner for modern audiences to listen in awe and young artists to want to gift the world something equally as alluring. 

It’s no mean feat either, and rock musicians didn’t arrive at this state of grace by coincidence. Any scholar of rock history will tell you that there is plenty of garbage that you need to sort through in order to reach something worthwhile. Rock’s many permeations and its continued metamorphosis are what have allowed these remarkable forms of music to exist. 

The Confusions have witnessed this excellence of human expression and were ready to carve it apart and reassemble it into their language in 1664. The tune is really a complex strategy that aims to marry punk, 60s rock, and even modern indie. All of these forms achieved an incredible sort of tightrope balance. Now, it’s The Confusions’ turn to dare to reach something of similar effortless beauty.

“1664” the video

“1664” is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of rough but happy pop-punk-indie.
“We wrote the idea of the song on just an acoustic guitar but the song transformed to a pop-punk anthem in the studio.
Lyric is about growing up together with a friend and then drifting apart, with new ideals and directions in life.”

Video by Mike Fratello
Cameras by Liza, Elise, Elinor and Roger. Lights and extras by Charlie.
Out on i Massproduktion , A&R Mats Hammerman (
Mastered by Daniel Mikaelsson at Nevo Mastering

Song on Spotify:

1664 (lyrics)
I heard you singing all those songs when you were younger
you sang it with freedom in your heart
We were kids and we took care of one another
then something fell apart

You got angry with the world and all the others
it was always someone else’s fault
You found a new direction like your father
you found a brand new start

Don’t step into the reservoir
Don’t walk that way
Don’t step into the reservoir
You got to walk away Away, away, away, away

You started searching for your answers
where only the bitter people walk
Swinging and complaining at your friends
friendships fell apart

And everybody’s trying to be nice
while strangers feeding you with lies
We saw you turn into some kind of monster
we saw you fall apart

Don’t step into the reservoir
Don’t walk that way
Don’t step into the reservoir
You got to walk away Away, away, away, away
Don’t step into the reservoir
Don’t walk that way
Don’t step into the reservoir
You got to walk away Away, away, away, away

“Close Your Eyes” live at Future Echoes in Norrköping

Such a GREAT feeling being back on stage again! This is our opening song from Future Echoes in Norrköping, “Close Your Eyes”. We will later on post more from this show! 

Once again huge thanks to Future Echoes, Sensus Musik / Sensus Musik Östra Götaland and the amazing crew at the stage! 

Support your bands, venues and the whole indie scene!

Peace & Love from The Confusions H.Q.

The Confusions live at Future Echoes in Norrköping

This upcoming Saturday we are playing at Future Echoes in Norrköping, at the “Sensus Showcase” at the stage “Black Box” at Hallarna. 

We will do two shows, one day show for “delegates” at 16.30, and one show for “ticketholders” at 18.20.

Hope to see you all there, will be great to play live again.

Peace and love, The Confusions.

Thanks to Sensus Musik and Future Echoes