The Confusions to China next week – Performs at Silk Road Indie Festival in Chengdu

The Confusions travels to China next week to be a part of the
Silk Road Indie Festival

Next week The Confusions will travel to China and the city of Chengdu to perform at the
“Silk Road Indie Festival in Chengdu 2017”. This is a festival that has developed from the Ningbo Maritime Silk Road International Music Festival. The band will perform at Werian Flower Sea Performing Center at Friday the 1st of December. This is the first time ever The Confusions will play in China.
600 banner silk road indie festival The Confusions
There will be 15 acts performing from 1-3 December. Other countries that a represented at this festival is China, Japan, India, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium,Italy, UK, South Africa.
The Confuisons earlier released records in Japan, Taiwan and China. Jean Wernheim who has followed The Confusions during the years and also made licensing deals in Asia says this about the band and about Swedish music in general:
” I learned about the Confusions it was 20 years ago. When I was doing licensing work for MNW Records and I have always like your music. Swedish music is quite popular in China ever since ABBA time”
Facts about Chengdu: 14 million inhabitants, 4th largest city of China.
Chengdu is now one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation, and communication centers in Western China.

The Confusions gig will be held at the Werian Flower Sea Performing Center