A Sunday filming with The Confusions

The Confusions spent a Sunday together with filmmaker Gunnar Hall Jensen and photographer Kevin Gator to shot some scenes for a teaser for upcoming documentary “En Indisk Handelsresande I Norrland”. Zarah and Mikael has written all music in this film and the whole band has done a track called “Varje Ögonblick Vårt Eget”, a hymn for Norrland and for the lead character Madhow Raje and all the others in this great film.



Pre listen to “Tidal Everything” by Polygrim featuring The Confusions here!

Synth records will release the new Polygrim album Descent at the 14th of October. Here’s a pre-listen to the song “Tidal Everything” featuring Mikael/The Confusions on vocals/lyrics.
Click link below to get to song:


polygrim decent coverart
Cover art for upcoming album by Polyrim “Descent”.