The Confusions live at Hamnyran – images and live video by Anders Thorsell

A huge thanks to all you folks that showed up at our gig last night at Hamnyran. We had a great night with you guys and had the chance to try out new stuff.
Have a look a this live clip from our song “The Story Behind The Story” and live photos by Anders Thorsell.


New video “All Along The Watchtower” out now!

The new video “All Along The Watchtower” (a Bob Dylan cover) by The Confusions out now, song taken from the “Oh God I Think I’m In Love EP”.
When we formed The Confusions in the early 90-ies this was one of the first songs we ever played, it was originally written with only three chords and that was more then enough for us back then.

This is a brand new and more epic version of the song recorded during the sessions for the upcoming album and now recently released on the “Oh God…”EP. Our band name is influenced by the lyrics “… there’s just too much confusion here and I can’t find no releif”. We are right back where we started and yet we manage to take a step forward, hope you like it!