After 10 great years in The Confusions Fredrik has decided to quit the band.

After 10 great years in The Confusions Fredrik has decided to quit the band. Fredrik first joined as a stand in musician around 2006 and became a full member when we made the album “A Permanent Marker” in 2008. We have a lot of great memories from live performances, studio sessions and great times just hanging around, so a huge thanks to you Fredrik!
The rest of us will continue the recordings we are in the middle of right now, soon there will be more new The Confusions music out there.
/Mikael, Zarah, Mattias & Magnus

Photo by Andreas Sjörs

fredrik av sjörs

Polygrim and The Confusions collaboration track “Tidal Everything” on Uvarius Artist Vol.6

MAY 15, 2017 BY FUDO
Uvarious Artists VOL.6 | ENG
“Here is the sixth Uvarious Artists compilation in six years of Ultra Vague’s existence. It all started with me asking my friends musicians to provide a compilation with one of their tracks. We continued to introduce you to the best promising artists from around the world ever since. ” – Fudo Kazuki
Uvarious Artist Vol. 6 – klick here!
“The track was born in two steps. When work on the instrumentals was completed, I’ve decided to write to my friends from the Swedish indie-rock group the Confusions, if they would want to write and record the vocals that come to mind after listening to an instrumental. They sent me a wonderful already mixed vocals after some time, and all I was left to do is to just add a couple of final touches. ” – Volodymyr Dzitsiuk aka Polygrim
Song Link “Tidal Everything”

Premieere at SVT (Swedish Television) for the documentary “En Indisk Handelsresande I Norrland”.

At Thursday 2nd of Mars at 20.00 (CET) at SVT2 the documentary by Gunnar Hall Jensen “En Indisk Handelsresande I Norrland” will be broadcasted on TV for the first time ever.
With re-runs at SVT on Saturday the 4th of Mars at 14.15 and Sunday the 5th of Mars att 23.45.

Also on SVTplay/streamed here (for a whole year):



The video “Varje Ögonblick Vårt Eget”!

This is an odd track for Nordic indie veterans The Confusions but somehow logical. The band have been writing material for several films and documentary’s and in director Gunnar Hall Jensen they found something of a twin spirit. Working closely with him and doing instrumental songs for his new upcoming documentary “En indisk handelsresande i Norrland” suddenly developed into writing a theme song for the film with lyrics rooted in some of the key quotes from the film. It ended up a somewhat strange roots rock song goes Nordic indie with strong lyrics. The film has national premier at SVT in March 2017.


“Varje Ögonblick Vårt Eget”, filmmusik med The Confusions… på svenska!


Dags för en lite udda release! “Varje Ögonblick Vårt Eget”, den andra låten som The Confusions släpper på svenska, tillika filmmusik till dokumentärfilmaren Gunnar Hall Jensens nya film “En Indisk Handelsresande i Norrland”. Mikael & Zarah har gjort all musik till denna film men själva huvudlåten är gjord av hela bandet och beskrivs som “Det är norrländsk hästjazzindie som det aldrig gjorts tidigare.”

“En Indisk Handelsresande i Norrland” är den fjärde filmen av Gunnar Hall Jensen som The Confusions gör musik till. Gunnars förra dokumentär  “Pimplare från Syrien” är en av SVT Plays mest sedda svenska dokumentärer från 2015 med närmare 600 000 visningar! Samarbetet med Gunnar är något som kommer fortsätta.

Musikvideo till Varje Ögonblick Vårt Eget, tillika trailer för filmen släpps fredagen den 18 november.

På Gunnars nya dokumentär – En indisk handelsresande i Norrland – som visas på SVT i mars 2017 – har de gjort mer än bara stämningsmusik. De har gjort ett helt soundtrack och även en mycket otippad titellåt – Varje ögonblick vårt eget.