Polygrim and The Confusions collaboration track “Tidal Everything” on Uvarius Artist Vol.6

MAY 15, 2017 BY FUDO
Uvarious Artists VOL.6 | ENG
“Here is the sixth Uvarious Artists compilation in six years of Ultra Vague’s existence. It all started with me asking my friends musicians to provide a compilation with one of their tracks. We continued to introduce you to the best promising artists from around the world ever since. ” – Fudo Kazuki
Uvarious Artist Vol. 6 – klick here!
“The track was born in two steps. When work on the instrumentals was completed, I’ve decided to write to my friends from the Swedish indie-rock group the Confusions, if they would want to write and record the vocals that come to mind after listening to an instrumental. They sent me a wonderful already mixed vocals after some time, and all I was left to do is to just add a couple of final touches. ” – Volodymyr Dzitsiuk aka Polygrim
Song Link “Tidal Everything”