The Polygrim Remix of LIPS directly on two digital playlists

It is great to announce that the Polygrim remix of our song “LIPS” directly got attention from two large indie playslists. No. 1 at New Nordic Electronic and no. 5 at New Nordic Friday.
Have a great Weekend.


The Polygrim Remix of LIPS out now!

The second release of 2018 by the Swedish indie veterans is a remix of ”Lips” by Polygrim from Ukraine. A unique and cool remix with that great Polygrim synth, retro, future feel.

3000x3000t polygrim remix cyanblå

Polygrim has done collaborations before with The Confusions with a remix of the song You Spit When You Talk and also Mikael of The Confusions has done vocals and lyrics for the Polygrim track Tidal Everything.

2018 The Confusions celebrates 25 years as recording artists. 2018 means a lot of new music and special events.