The Confusions live at Pipelinecafé 27th of June – Full live stream concert and interviews in Swedish

This is a live stream concert with The Confusions from home venue Pipeline in Sundsvall. The band performs 7 songs during this clip and there are two separate interviews with Magnus and Mikael (in Swedish only, sorry!).
First clip below is the whole concert
Second clip is the the new single “Like Science Fiction”

The Confusions live at Pipelinecafé – 7 songs live & 2 interviews with Magnus & Mikael

Huge thanks for the support and all the questions at our live stream gig at Pipelinecafé at the 27nd of June. You guys can watch the show again just play the video above. 7 live songs and two interviews (almost only in Swedish) by host Thomas Björling (thanks mate!).
Also a huge thanks to the crew at Pipeline, you are the best venue, love to you all!

We didn’t get the chance to answer all the questions during the interviews but we will post answers later on here on Facebook and on our own webpage

We will also post this video/concert on our own Youtube channel.


“Electric” new on Studentradiolistan, Swedish Student Radio list

GREAT News “Electric” new on Studentradiolistan, Swedish Student Radio list. Mycket kul! Our song enters at no.17.


20. (ÅT) M Ward – Unreal City
19. (13) Solange, Beyoncé – Naive
18. (NY) The Weeknd – In Your Eyes
17. (NY) The Confusions – Electric
16. (NY) Marilyn Manson – The End
15. (20) Sam Florian – Moods
14. (17) Stephen Malkmus – Xian Man
13. (7) Circa Waves – Move to San Francisco
12. (ÅT) The Strokes – Bad Decisions
11. (18) Pearl Jam – Superblood Wolfmoon

10. (NY) Augustine – Picking up Speed
9. (NY) Dream Wife – Sports
8. (4) Johnossi – Torch // Flame
7. (NY) Håkan Hellström – Tillsammans i mörker
6. (NY) José Gonzales, Ikat – Killing for Love
5. (NY) Protomartyr – Processed by the boys
4. (NY) Division of Laura Lee – Dodge Bullets
3. (11) Kristofer Åström – Inbetweener
2. (1) Pale Honey – Treat You Good
1. (3) HAIM – The Steps

Studentradion 98,9 Studentradiolistan Pite FM – Studentradion 92,8 mHz … muchas gracias!

Song out on Massproduktion
Song mastered by Mikaelsson Daniel at Nevo Mastering

“Electric” on the playlist “World’s Best Indie Rock, Discoveries April 2020”

Yes! “Electric” on the playlist “World’s Best Indie Rock, Discoveries April 2020” together with fellow bands/artists like
Nada SurfDESERT SHIPSMotorcadeMal FantomeGreg DulliBlinker The StarThe DearsMethodsStray FossaLand of TalkPurple Heart ParadeMoonstationMattew Good and others.
Great playlist, check it out here:

The Confusions “Electric” LEGO official music video

Ever wondered what The Confusions members would look like as lego figures? In the new video/single “Electric” Magnus, Mattias, Zarah & Mikael turns into awesome lego-indie-rockers.

This is an epic video with the indie heroes from Skönsberg, Sundsvall. Zarah is going wild on her electric lego organ, jumps up on top of the instrument just to fall down again, while Mikael is getting ready for an “amazing super solo” on the blue Mustang guitar, Mattias beats his Lego Ludwig drums with such a passion that you are blown away and Magus gets the chance to shine with his cool bass hook surfin on top of an Atari cartridge from the early 1980’s (Yars’ Revenge)… just watch this!

This is a stop motion video made on location in “the cool indie basement”, Skönsberg in March 2020.
Filmed on an iPhone 6 with iMotion Figures.
Lego objects and storyboard by Mikael, Zarah & Charlie.
Edited in Davinci Resolve by Mike Fratello.

Hill Street Productions (p) & (c) Massproduktion & The Confusions

Electric on playlist “Worlds Best Indie Rock – New Discoveries March 2020”

Proud to say that we are on this great playlist “Worlds Best Indie Rock – New Discoveries March 2020” with our new single “Electric”.

A lot of other cool bands and artists on this list like Mal Fantome​, SpooN​, MotorCade​, Superdrone​, Greg Dulli​, Johnny Marr​, DESERT SHIPS​ and a whole bunch of others… check it out now!

Check this out! The Confusions Live At Melting Point Festival 2020 (Full Concert)

This is The Confusions live at the Melting Point Festival, a full concert of 24 songs:
(Click the timeline in front of song name to jump directly to that song)

 (0:00) 1. Black Birds Of Berlin (intro)
 (2:35) 2. I Wish We Could Swim Now
 (9:23) 3. Don’t You Fall In Love
 (14:37) 4. Sunday Mornings
 (17:45) 5. Perfect Plan
 (22:21) 6. The Pilot
 (27:45) 7. It’s So Quiet, It’s So Cold
 (33:40) 8. Remain
 (39:52) 9. Run
 (47:35) 10. Electric
 (51:33) 11. Pavement

 (56:06) 12. Stuck In The Middle
 (59:53) 13. Thin
 (1:04:06) 14. The Logo
 (1:07:55) 15. Nothing But A Shadow
 (1:12:42) 16. Point Of No Return
 (1:17:45) 17. Oh God I Think I’m In Love
 (1:21:09) 18. I Won’t Be Sober When This Is Over
 (1:25:33) 19. The Story Behind The Story
 (1:31:39) 20. Days Go By
 (1:36:26) 21. I’m Not Afraid
 (1:41:11) 22. Close Your Eyes
 (1:46:18) 23. Ain’t No Easy Way Out Of Here
 (1:56:24) 24. How Do You Sleep  

THE CONFUSIONS: Magnus Thorsell / bass Mattias Löfström / drums Zarah Andersson-Knut / keyboard & vocals Mikael Andersson-Knut / guitar & vocals

Live sound, sound recording and master Roger Bergsten, Nevo Studios 

Lights Johan Asp, Ljud & Ljus Control 

Stage technician Lasse Norberg  

Melting Point Festival arranged by Musik Västernorrland. The Confusions at Melting Point Festival produced by Astrid Robillard, Musik Västernorrland.  

Concert video production by Hill Street Production. 

Video edit Mike Fratello. 

Camera operators Gottfrid Sjödin, Zarah, Mikael & Mattias.  

Record Label Massproduktion, A&R Mats Hammerman.  

Concert recorded live 17th of January 2020 at Tonhallen, Sundsvall, Sweden.  

All songs (p) & (c) 2020 The Confusions & Massproduktion  

Listen to the Spotify playlist of the songs of this concert (the original studio tracks):…