Our song GET READY on “I Don’t Hear A Single”

Our song “Get Ready” on the music blog I Don’t Hear A Single, thanks so much for the support! Check out all the other bands and artists on this weeks show.

Here’s the direct link to mixcloud:


“Don’t You Fall In Love” live at Future Echoes

This is a live version of “Don’t You Fall In Love” recorded at the Future Echoes festival in Norrköping, Sweden 2022. Filmed at location Hallarna by the Sensus Musik Crew. Original song out on Massproduktion.
Official video by Kevin Gater, watch it here: https://youtu.be/0nzRazjVsyg
Song on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/track/6fFyRV…

“Close Your Eyes” live at Future Echoes in Norrköping

Such a GREAT feeling being back on stage again! This is our opening song from Future Echoes in Norrköping, “Close Your Eyes”. We will later on post more from this show! 

Once again huge thanks to Future Echoes, Sensus Musik / Sensus Musik Östra Götaland and the amazing crew at the stage! 

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Peace & Love from The Confusions H.Q.