New video for “Oh God I Think I’m In Love” out now!


The official video for brand new single “Oh God I Think I’m In Love” out now!
Thank all you guys out there for the support and love you’re giving to us
and thank you for all great comments about the new song/video.
All the best from the Swedish Indie Veterans!
Check out the video here:


Aftonbladet: Musikredaktör Joacim Persson listar sina favoriter

Aftonbladets Joacim Persson slår ett slag för The Confusions nya EP! 
“Vurmar gärna och ofta för Sundsvalls indie-institution Confusions som, halvt i skuggan av storstadshajper och P3:s spellistor, enträget fortsätter att leverera stark pop med väldigt eget sinne. Nya ep:n ”Oh God I think I’m in love” är inget undantag och visar upp bandet i ett lite mer elektroniskt skimmer. Klädsamt.”
/Joacim Persson, Aftonbladet
Läs listan via länken nedan:

New EP “Oh God I Think I’m In Love” OUT NOW!

Hola amigos we are back with a great EP and a fantastic single track called “Oh God I Think I’m In Love”!
On this EP you’ll find a duet with Isabel Neib, a Bob Dylan cover with Frida Madeleine from Red Mecca on guest
vocals… and yes that lovely pop tune… “Oh God I Think I’m In Love”.
Listen to it on Spotify here: Oh God I Think I’m In Love
You will also find this EP on digital stores like iTunes and other digital platforms.

1. Oh God I Think I’m In Love
2. Can You Feel My Heart Beating (feat. Isabel Neib)
3. All Along The Watchtower (feat. Frida Madeleine) / Bob Dylan Cover
4. Just Walk Away

Produced by Johan Sigerud & The Confusions.

Release date 6th of May. P & C Massproduktion & The Confusions.