“The Swedish indie veterans double down with an epic batch of post-punk pop.”

Huge thanks to Tinnitist / Darryl Sterdan, “Black Silhouettes – The Nuclear Ghosts” is one of the “Albums of the week”.
“The Swedish indie veterans double down with an epic batch of post-punk pop.”
“They are the last standing band from the Swedish pop-wave of the early ’90s — and they are constantly developing. The indie veterans just released their 10th album, offering a mix of lo-fi indie-grooves, straightforward indie-pop and melodic post-punk energy, with nuclear stories from our childhood, long-lost love and reflections about these strange times we live in.”

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“The Nuclear Ghosts” album out now!

“Nuclear Ghosts”! Nu släpper vi skiva igen! Time for a new album again! ¡Ahora volvemos a publicar el disco! Release day for part 2 of “Black Silhouttes” the double vinyl album, a new ten song digital album called “Black Silhouettes – The Nuclear Ghosts”, here you will also find the brand new single “Woke Up This Morning”.
Link to Nuclear Ghosts on Spoitfy:

Electric on the August 2021 mixtape by “Kid With A Vinyl”

Wohooo, great news! Our song “Electric” is on the “August 2021 mixtape” by the U.S. (Austin, TX) music blogger called “Kid With A Vinyl”, check out the awesome mixtape here at Soundcloud:

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Electric is out on Massproduktion
Electric is mastered by Nevo Mastering
All songs distributed by Playground Music Sweden

Single ”Don’t Say That True Love Waits For Everyone” out now!

”Don’t Say That True Love Waits For Everyone”, first written on acoustic guitar and vocals, later recorded at our H.Q. during a magic session, dressed in synthesizers, live drums transformed into a static beat, backbeat acoustic guitars and epic dreamy background vocals. This song got that feel of a lost song from the Bowie Berlin era mixed with that French touch a la Air. A great song working with, taken from our upcoming album The Nuclear Ghosts (out later in August).

Links to song in Spotify and Bandcamp: