New video from our Mexican street team “It’s So Quiet, It’s So Cold” by Enrique, Gisell and co!

Huge thanks to our lovely Mexican friends for making this all Mexican version of “It’s So Quiet, It’s So Cold”. Filmed on location in Mexico City.
its so quiet - enrique

“Its So Quiet, Its So Cold” (Radio Edit – Mexico City Street Team)
The Confusions // Mikael Andersson-Knut // Fredrik Hast // Magnus Thorsell // Mattias Löfström //

Editado y dirigido por : Enrique Araiza.
Gisell Mondragón
y la asistencia de Ev Galicia
Disfruten del vídeo amigos!


Interview with The Confusions / Mikael by in Perú in both English and Spanish

Interview from Perú with The Confusions/Mikael by Marco Rocha/

“I had the opportunity and pleasure of interviewing Mikael Andersson, vocalist and guitarist of the Swedish Indie band The Confusions. The band has been creating music since 1994. If you want to learn more about them and their music visit their website.”

Mikael, I would like to start by asking, how did you start in music? Is The Confusions your first band or you’ve already played before with other groups?

Read the whole interview in English here:

Read the whoe interview in Spanish here: