Upcoming gigs:


Earlier shows:

Manifestation med konsert och picknick 15 augusti
Saturday 15th of August at Villa Solbacken, Petersvik, Sundsvall
Concert starts 18.00 with Hanna Rankila, The Confusions & Merlin.
Dagen startar 15.00 med historiska vandringar i Petersviksområdet, med
Nils-Johan Tjärnlund.
Manifestation i Petersvik 15 augusti 2015

IPO Festival – Stockholm
Saturday 23 May at Pet Sounds Bar in Stockholm (show starts 19.15,
this is a festival with around 30 bands so show up in time)
Click here for Facebook event
Live at Pipeline “Release Party”, 11th October:
Release gigs for The Confusions & Red Mecca.
Click here for Facebook Event

Live att “Lilla Teatern” / Teatern  Härnösand 8th November
The Confusions & Red Mecca

Live at “Sensus Teatern” Medborgarhuset, Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm
22 November.
The Confusions & Red Mecca

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