Upcoming gigs:
Massproduktion 40 year anniversary concert and party!
Saturday the 2nd November, Time 19:00–01:00
Doors open at 17.00 for dinner guests, first band on stage 19.00.
See facebook event here:

LIVE on stage:
Red Mecca
The Confusions
my Orchard
Jan Boholm
Husband: Konstiga gig med gäster

We are happy to announce that we are a part of the new festival “Melting Point Music Festival” by Musik Västernorrland. Open your calendars and book (16-19 January for the festival) and especially Friday the 17th of January when we will do a full evening with two concert sets at Tonhallen – Sundsvall.
This will be a special show for sure, hope you will come and join us for an exciting evening.

Friday the 17th of January
Venue: Tonhallen in Sundsvall

Link to tickets for our show:

Link to Melting Point Music Festival:



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