“Black Silhouettes” double vinyl album = 20 songs, out now!

Today is a magical day, the release day of our double vinyl album ”Black Silhouettes”. It has been a great, creative and amazing journey writing and recording these 20 songs. This is a mix of lo-fi indie-grooves, straightforward indiepop and melodic post-punk energy, with nuclear stories from our childhood, long lost love and reflections about these strange times we live in. Huge thanks for your support of our band!

The full double album (20 songs) out on vinyl record and also on Bandcamp.
All other digital platforms as 10 track album.

Order the vinyl directly from Massproduktion here: https://massproduktion.shop.textalk.se/…/the-confusions…

Download the full double album from Bandcamp here: https://theconfusionssvl.bandcamp.com/

Listen to the first album = 10 songs on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3lnpAIa91bu5n018ytxfVY…


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