New version of “Det Är Här Vi Står Idag” our hymn for the football team of our hearts GIF-Sundsvall


“The Confusions had been asked many times, write a song for GIF-Sundsvall. This is the football team in our hearts, but how do you go about writing a song about football? When GIF returned to Swedish top league Allsvenskan 2015 we released the song ”Det Är Här Vi Står Idag” (This Is Where We Stand Today) a song that since then has been played as intro hymn and video on every home game since then, this is something we are very proud of. Now it is time for a new version of the song, our celebration of our team, our hometown Sundsvall and the north of Sweden.”

The Confusions - Det År Här Vi Står Idag 2019 3000x3000


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