Pre order the new double vinyl album “Black Silhouettes” now!

Hey friends time to make a pre order of the new double vinyl album “Black Silhouettes”

The release date is 23rd of April, but it is time to make sure you get your copy in time. We are so proud about this awesome sounding, great looking piece of art and we sure hope you’re going to love it as well, 20 songs on vinyl for your ears and soul!
Just follow the link below to our label Massproduktions web shop!

Happy Easter you all! Peace and love from The Confusions H.Q.

ARROW The Video!

New single “Arrow” is a cool track taken from our upcoming album “Black Silhouettes”.
Video by Mike Fratello
Filmed at location at the Hill Street Basement, March 2021.

Just follow this link below to find “Arrow” at the music service of your choice!

Song out on Massproduktion
Song mastered by Daniel Mikaelsson at Nevo Mastering
(P) & (C) Massproduktion & The Confusions 2021

“Arrow” out now!

“… You, you are an arrow, flying high, higher than ever…”
New single “Arrow” is a cool track taken from our upcoming album “Black Silhouettes” (the album is a double vinyl with 20 songs, release date 23rd April). This is indiepop mixed with altcountry, a perfect fit for those of you who likes bands like Wilco, Fleetwood Mac and classic great tunes from the late 60’s and 70’s.
Hope you enjoy this one, we sure do!
/The Confusions

Listen to “Arrow” on Spotify here:

Full concert, live at Pipeline “Fredagsklubb”

This is a full concert we did at our home venue Pipeline in Sundsvall in November. We tried out a lot of new songs from our upcoming double album that will be out at the 23rd of April. Hope you enjoy! What song do you guys dig the most? Feel free to give us your comments.

THE CONFUSIONS live at “FREDAGSKLUBB”, this is a full concert. Setlist:
(00:00​​) I Wish We Could Swim Now (
07:52​​) Close Your Eyes
(13:40​​) I’m Not Afraid
(18:08​) Suburbian Ghosts
(23:52​) Tangerine Sky
(30:23​) Waiting By The Window
(35:11​​) Don’t You Fall In Love
(40:34​) Electric
(44:32​) Sunday Mornings
(48:41​) Like Science Fiction (
53:54​) Arrow
(58:41​) Weight Of The World
*(01:02:47​) Thanks!!!
Recorded live at Pipeline, Sundsvall, Sweden, Friday the 13th of November 2020.
Live sound by: Björn Sundström
Lights by: Thomas Björling
Venue / host / production: Theresa Bystedt

The Confusions “Tangerine Sky” (Official Music Video) Fan made lyric video

This is “Tangerine Sky” a video made by Enrique Araiza and Arturo García in Mexico City. We get to follow Enrique and Arturo as they are driving out of Mexico City, together with the lyrics and sound of “Tangerine Sky”.

Video recorded by Arturo García
Directed and edited by Enrique Araiza
Location Tuxpan Road & Puebla Road, Mexico
Production by “The Confusions Mexican Street Team” 2021

All Rights Reserved The Confusions & Massproduktion 2021

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“Tangerine Sky” premiere in Italy at GBJ Radio

Great News! Premiere for “Tangerine Sky” on Italian radio at Radio GBJ Alternative Rock, huge thanks to Cestari Carmine and co: Mille grazie! “La mega produzione di radio gbj alternative rock,la radio libera veramente”


Song out on Massproduktion
Song mastered by Daniel Mikaelsson at Nevo Mastering

“Tangerine Sky”, how we worked on the track…

Have you listen to ”Tangerine Sky”?
We recorded a few versions of the song before we did this one. At first it was more of a singer-songwriter tune, that later transformed to more of an indie arena thing… but something was missing in the track. Zarah said we got to find another way of doing this song and Mattias soon found the basic groove, more static, more like a post-punk thing with an indie feel, and the song started to sound more like ”the released version”. Magnus then later said that the end missed something too, something that would lift up the song even more, after this Mikael wrote the end part with the new cord progression ”… staying up all night, trying to figure out, what life will bring to us when the summer is over…”

Listen to the song, find your musical platform in link below: