Full concert, live at Pipeline “Fredagsklubb”

This is a full concert we did at our home venue Pipeline in Sundsvall in November. We tried out a lot of new songs from our upcoming double album that will be out at the 23rd of April. Hope you enjoy! What song do you guys dig the most? Feel free to give us your comments.

THE CONFUSIONS live at “FREDAGSKLUBB”, this is a full concert. Setlist:
(00:00​​) I Wish We Could Swim Now (
07:52​​) Close Your Eyes
(13:40​​) I’m Not Afraid
(18:08​) Suburbian Ghosts
(23:52​) Tangerine Sky
(30:23​) Waiting By The Window
(35:11​​) Don’t You Fall In Love
(40:34​) Electric
(44:32​) Sunday Mornings
(48:41​) Like Science Fiction (
53:54​) Arrow
(58:41​) Weight Of The World
*(01:02:47​) Thanks!!!
Recorded live at Pipeline, Sundsvall, Sweden, Friday the 13th of November 2020.
Live sound by: Björn Sundström
Lights by: Thomas Björling
Venue / host / production: Theresa Bystedt


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