“Tangerine Sky”, how we worked on the track…

Have you listen to ”Tangerine Sky”?
We recorded a few versions of the song before we did this one. At first it was more of a singer-songwriter tune, that later transformed to more of an indie arena thing… but something was missing in the track. Zarah said we got to find another way of doing this song and Mattias soon found the basic groove, more static, more like a post-punk thing with an indie feel, and the song started to sound more like ”the released version”. Magnus then later said that the end missed something too, something that would lift up the song even more, after this Mikael wrote the end part with the new cord progression ”… staying up all night, trying to figure out, what life will bring to us when the summer is over…”

Listen to the song, find your musical platform in link below:


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