The Confusions “Electric” LEGO official music video

Ever wondered what The Confusions members would look like as lego figures? In the new video/single “Electric” Magnus, Mattias, Zarah & Mikael turns into awesome lego-indie-rockers.

This is an epic video with the indie heroes from Skönsberg, Sundsvall. Zarah is going wild on her electric lego organ, jumps up on top of the instrument just to fall down again, while Mikael is getting ready for an “amazing super solo” on the blue Mustang guitar, Mattias beats his Lego Ludwig drums with such a passion that you are blown away and Magus gets the chance to shine with his cool bass hook surfin on top of an Atari cartridge from the early 1980’s (Yars’ Revenge)… just watch this!

This is a stop motion video made on location in “the cool indie basement”, Skönsberg in March 2020.
Filmed on an iPhone 6 with iMotion Figures.
Lego objects and storyboard by Mikael, Zarah & Charlie.
Edited in Davinci Resolve by Mike Fratello.

Hill Street Productions (p) & (c) Massproduktion & The Confusions


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