Check this out! The Confusions Live At Melting Point Festival 2020 (Full Concert)

This is The Confusions live at the Melting Point Festival, a full concert of 24 songs:
(Click the timeline in front of song name to jump directly to that song)

 (0:00) 1. Black Birds Of Berlin (intro)
 (2:35) 2. I Wish We Could Swim Now
 (9:23) 3. Don’t You Fall In Love
 (14:37) 4. Sunday Mornings
 (17:45) 5. Perfect Plan
 (22:21) 6. The Pilot
 (27:45) 7. It’s So Quiet, It’s So Cold
 (33:40) 8. Remain
 (39:52) 9. Run
 (47:35) 10. Electric
 (51:33) 11. Pavement

 (56:06) 12. Stuck In The Middle
 (59:53) 13. Thin
 (1:04:06) 14. The Logo
 (1:07:55) 15. Nothing But A Shadow
 (1:12:42) 16. Point Of No Return
 (1:17:45) 17. Oh God I Think I’m In Love
 (1:21:09) 18. I Won’t Be Sober When This Is Over
 (1:25:33) 19. The Story Behind The Story
 (1:31:39) 20. Days Go By
 (1:36:26) 21. I’m Not Afraid
 (1:41:11) 22. Close Your Eyes
 (1:46:18) 23. Ain’t No Easy Way Out Of Here
 (1:56:24) 24. How Do You Sleep  

THE CONFUSIONS: Magnus Thorsell / bass Mattias Löfström / drums Zarah Andersson-Knut / keyboard & vocals Mikael Andersson-Knut / guitar & vocals

Live sound, sound recording and master Roger Bergsten, Nevo Studios 

Lights Johan Asp, Ljud & Ljus Control 

Stage technician Lasse Norberg  

Melting Point Festival arranged by Musik Västernorrland. The Confusions at Melting Point Festival produced by Astrid Robillard, Musik Västernorrland.  

Concert video production by Hill Street Production. 

Video edit Mike Fratello. 

Camera operators Gottfrid Sjödin, Zarah, Mikael & Mattias.  

Record Label Massproduktion, A&R Mats Hammerman.  

Concert recorded live 17th of January 2020 at Tonhallen, Sundsvall, Sweden.  

All songs (p) & (c) 2020 The Confusions & Massproduktion  

Listen to the Spotify playlist of the songs of this concert (the original studio tracks):…  


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