The “So Long” video with secret agents, ATARI and memories from the 80´s.

“Hello goodbye and thank you for the dance, my lawyer will call you back tomorrow. The video for “So Long” is here with secret agents, ATARI consoles, indie music madness.

“So Long” is an smart effective short pop song, a kind of hybrid of Bowie’s Berlinsound, Beatles Psychedelic Revolver period and Acoustic Indie. Sticks like a musical glue in a playful and thoughtful way.

Video by Mike Fratello and Drummer Boy
Actors: Charlie, Tore, Liza & Stina.
Filmed on location in Sundsvall Sweden, autumn 2018.
Link to song “So Long” on Spotify.…
P & C Massproduktion & The Confusions 2018


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