NO 1 on radio in Perú!

NO 1 IN PERU! Great news, after 3 weeks we reached the top spot on this radio chart in Peru. Time to celebrate amigos!
Music:ResponseMassproduktionThe Confusions

█▓▒░ XCLUSIVE ¤ FM || OF THE WEEK ☆☆☆☆☆ TOP 13 ░▒▓█

The Confusions * at the top of MUSIC RESPONSE Xclusive FM CHART this week (June 30, 2018)


「HOTXFM # DE LA SEMANA」 :🔝The Confusions – “Don’t You Fall In Love” [1wk]

XFM#02:🆕Flasher – Who’s Got Time
XFM#03:🔼Deeper Upper – Summer We Lost
XFM#04:🆕DANCEHALL – Vitamins
XFM#05:🔼Nation of Language – Reality
XFM#06:🔼Rascalton – Just Like Honey (The Jesus And Mary Chain Cover)
XFM#07:🆕bichkraft – Nightlamp
XFM#08:🔼Future War Bride – Once I Was A Bird
XFM#09:🔼PLANET – Waking Eight
XFM#10:🆕PVLSX – Expressways (edit)

11:Intertwine – Tokyo
XFM#12:🔽Interpol – The Rover
XFM#13:🆕 BOO – Battery Operated Orchestra – Bella.


CONTRIBUTIONS █ 1998 / 2004 Z Rock & Pop 🔲 2016 Kool Rock N Pop.

D & P █ AdamEHF DJ.

🕙RADIO MIRAFLORES 1990-1997 /RADIO AMERICA 1997-2000 /TELESTEREO 2000-2001.

Lima – Peru

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